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Eying the Future

AIVI-Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interoretation  Technology


On the way of delivering new innovations to simplify your life, Ecovacs has always been a step ahead. Empowered by AI, Ecovacs introduces the breakthrough technology-AIVI.It means now the robot is able to see,to think and to not only makes yourcleaning task easier,but enjoy a future life.

Always a step ahead

By the first time introducing Al technology into home robots category,ECOVACS makes a tremendous progress in home robot industry.DEEBOT not only can see,can think,but also can learn. It learns and evolves through the recognition and analysis of surrounding environment,measuring and analyzing all data to suggest optimal solutions for maximum efficiency and completely free your hans from now on.

Let the future move into your daily life

DEEBOT is the first practical application of AIVI technology. In near future,ECOVACS will introduce AIVI into different use cases.Your robot can help you get rid of household chores and you can just enjoy your life. It is no longer a plot in science fiction movie,but a modern life you can expect.