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Wifi Connection Frequently Asked Questions Summary

1. User is not able to connect to the Wi-Fi.

-Please check the Wi-Fi setup. The robot only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi, but does not support 5G Wi-Fi and enterprise networks.

-Put the robot near the router where the wireless signal is strong.

-Check if the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi can link internet normally.

-Check if the Wi-Fi password is correct.

-Do not switch to the background in the App when the network is under connecting.

-Disconnect other additional client devices from the Wi-Fi router, especially for P2P downloads and online videos when connecting the robot.

-Try to restart the router and the smartphone to connect the network again.

-If it still does not work, please contact our service team. 

2. If user’s router set a 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi at the same time, set the two frequencys for different SSID.